Coadjute Quality Chain runs on the Coadjute Network which helps businesses across the construction industry to collaborate and manage development projects by tracking obligations and delivery along the project lifecycle from inception to occupation.

This shared immutable data record provides a single source of the truth as a foundation for trust, establishing accurate data to fuel AI models and unlock game changing insights to transform build quality and whole lifecycle asset performance.


Single Source Of Truth

A shared ledger providing a means of ensuring all documentation and data is kept in sync

Golden Thread

Data and document evolution controlled by smart contracts ensuring an audit trail of key artefacts and decisions throughout the construction lifecycle

Consensus Mechanism

Provides a method for all organisations to come to an agreement on an obligation, statement of work, deliverable or document

Management Control

Workflow Dashboard which saves time and helps govern, control, manage and track contract obligations throughout the lifecycle

Regulatory Compliance

Regulator observer node provides transparent digital access to key artefacts and decisions enabling automated compliance checks and interventions

New Insights

Data and information that is today hidden in emails and phone calls is brought onto ledger and agreed to, providing a powerful source of data to fuel AI models