The Coadjute Network is built on enterprise blockchain technology meaning participants can create secure, decentralised and trusted records that reduces duplication as partners work from a shared and immutable data layer, this vastly improves decision making, collaboration and workflow.

Coadjute Network differs from traditional workflow networks as it operates as a peer-to-peer network where no user can remove another user from the network and every business maintains and controls its own data.

Currently there are two workflows the build workflow - Quality Chain and the buy workflow - Instant Property.


  • Build Workflow

    Coadjute Quality Chain makes home building simpler with improved data sharing. At the end of this process the Coadute Smart Property Record is created.

  • Buy Workflow

    Coadjute Instant Property enables Consumers to get a mortgage and move home in one simple, fast and secure digital journey. Core to this workflow is a shared unique Smart Property Record.

  • Occupy Workflow

    Once the home owner moves into the new home the Smart Property Record acts as a Digital Logbook or Digital Twin for the Property, storing information about Building and Buying phases of the property lifecycle.

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