Coadjute Smart Property will run on the Coadjute Network which will be a unique Digital Twin for property, bringing together the key components of data such as building records, systems and asset data, utilities and services.

Hosting this data on a shared distributed ledger network enables owners, investors, managing agents, contractors, tenants and regulators to collaborate on a single shared source of the truth.

Increased transparency removes costly process friction and delivers a single source of the truth as a foundation for increasing whole life asset performance.


Building Provenance

Flow through of data from build phase provides complete transparency of a building’s provenance to the owners and occupiers

Voice of Tenant

Tenant feedback portal named and anonymous enabling immutable record of voice of the tenant within property management log

Sale Ready

The smart property record is a live digital log of the property which can be updated by businesses or IOT devices, significantly improving the properties sale or rental readiness

Warranty Management

Flow through of warranties and commitments from build phase into the smart record enables ease of execution of warranties should defects arise

Asset Lifecycle Costs

Sharing of data between property owners and managers on the network enables the benchmarking and comparison of performance between properties

Closed Feedback Loop

Immutable data that can be passed back to the building phase providing insight on asset performance that can inform future design and build project